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For those smart enough to swim against the tide of tourists and daytrippers heading for the Sunshine Coast’s golden sands, taking the short trip up the hill to Buderim is a rewarding experience in more ways than one.

From its prized elevated vantage point on Buderim Mountain, it also enjoys rare-as-hen’s-teeth ocean views through the floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around two walls of the Master Bedroom. You know, the kind of views that were quickly snapped up decades ago when the area was first developed.

Ok, so you’ve got friends or relatives that swear by the healing power of crystals. You may even be thinking about giving crystals a go yourself.

You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a picturesque view? Well, a gorgeous outlook worthy of your gaze can add tens of thousands, or quite possibly hundreds of thousands, to the value of your property.

Gaze out from our Maroochy River Prize Home on the Sunshine Coast, and you’ll see the lifeblood of the Maroochy region snaking through the fields below.

When Evangel takes to the stage, she has a feeling that many people with intellectual disability seldom experience in their lives. She feels powerful.

See what the Today Show said about the Montville prize home Wednesday 22/05/2019

If you’re thinking about embarking on an epic Oz adventure, deciding how you’ll go is one of the biggest and most important decisions.

With some of Earth’s most breathtaking natural scenery, an unaffectedly cool creative arts scene that’s exported a host of directors, designers, singers and comedians to the world and, one of the planet’s most popular political leaders, it seems our friends across the Tasman have something pretty special going on.

Indoors or outdoors? That’s the million-dollar question when it comes to home theatre.

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