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You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a picturesque view? Well, a gorgeous outlook worthy of your gaze can add tens of thousands, or quite possibly hundreds of thousands, to the value of your property.

Gaze out from our Maroochy River Prize Home on the Sunshine Coast, and you’ll see the lifeblood of the Maroochy region snaking through the fields below.

Ok, so you’ve got friends or relatives that swear by the healing power of crystals. You’ve heard them talking about Chi and Chakras, negative ions and healing energy. You may even be thinking about giving crystals a go yourself.


Every ticket counts!

Every ticket you purchase makes a difference to the lives of people with a disability. Your support can bring real possibilities to life and help make aspirations a reality in employment, daily living and accommodation support and life skills development.

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