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Previous Lottery: 395 Getaway Lottery

Lottery No. 395 Prizes Prize Value Ticket No.
1st Prize ­- Pelican Waters prize home $1,232,657 99260
2nd Prize ­- Santorini holiday $13,000 190720
3rd Prize ­- Hayman Island holiday $6,000 120414
4th Prize ­- Wineglass Bay holiday $3,000 154761
Early Bird - Vanuatu holiday $4,000 286352
Buy Online ­- Kangaroo Island holiday $2,000 153054
Buy at Prize Home – Mooloolaba holiday $1,000 139292
Star Supporter Bonus - Gold $10,000 233296
Online Video Tour – Red Balloon gift voucher $150 N/A

Family ties

Our Getaway Lottery prize home winner has a wonderfully close family with which to share his $1.2 million win. Clive and his wife, Lorelle, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in April, and picked up the keys to their new Pelican Waters home with their two children and three of their five grandchildren.

“We all live on two adjoining properties totaling 11 acres together in separate homes,” said Clive. “One property was inherited from my Dad.”

His current residence isn’t the only family tradition Clive is continuing. He bought his first Endeavour Foundation lottery ticket in 1970 after earning his first wage of $20 per week at 16 years old.

“Tickets were $2 each at the time, and my aunt and I used to split the cost and share the tickets,” said Clive. “I have been buying tickets ever since.”

Clive’s family intend to spend Christmas in the waterfront prize home, and his son has already picked out his favourite spot in the media room. Clive also plans to continue to buy Endeavour Foundation lottery tickets and support people with a disability.

“I’ve already received my tickets in the next lottery, but I haven’t opened the envelope yet,” said Clive. “I didn’t open my winning ticket until after the draw, so I don’t want to jinx anything.”

Previous Lottery: 808 Star Supporter Golden Rewards Draw

Lottery No. 808 Prizes Prize Value Ticket No.
1st  Prize – Gold $500,000 14495

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