The Cause

The Cause


How your support helps

When you purchase lottery tickets with Endeavour Foundation, you help provide people with a disability:

  • employment,
  • accommodation support 
  • learning and life skills development
  • greater access to and connection with their communities

These opportunities help to build independence, confidence and self-esteem, and contribute to a sense of well-being and connection with the community, while building essential skills for daily life.


Innisfail sod turning

What your ticket purchase can achieve ...

Endeavour Foundation are excited to announce the final stages of construction on two new accessible homes for people with a disability in Innisfail, Queensland and we are now planning to start construction on a further seven new homes for people we support.

The residents of the Innisfail properties have been visiting their new homes regularly and helping choose furniture and window coverings for their house. They are getting very excited to move in!

Soon, we will have officially built five new homes in five years for people with a disability thanks to our At Home With Choices project.

These contemporary houses will look like any other, but will be packed with special features that assist people with an intellectual disability to live independently in the community. With assistive living technologies like built-in help/alert buttons, residents can call for assistance whenever needed, while living as independently as possible in their own home.

People with a disability currently living in Endeavour Foundation’s At Home With Choices houses have enjoyed an improved quality of life and a sense of personal independence that comes from managing household tasks like cleaning, washing and cooking.

Image: (From left) Endeavour Foundation CEO Andrew Donne, Innisfail Mayor John Kremastos, At Home With Choices resident Steven Black, breaking ground at the new construction site. 


Your support builds modern accessible houses so that people with a disability can have more choice about where and with whom they live. Through the At Home With Choices project we can offer people a chance to be more independent, develop their living skills and exercise more control over their lives.

Our At Home With Choices dwellings are equipped with smart technology to support people with a disability to live independent and safe and connected lives in the community. The people who have moved in have told us how much they enjoy sharing a house with friends and all of the new choices that are available.

For more information, visit Endeavour Foundation.


Employment opportunities form a critical part of an inclusive and empowering community for people with a disability. Your contribution helps to provide supported employment opportunities, boosting the confidence and self-esteem of people with a disability and providing a strong sense of purpose.

We offer employment opportunities throughout Queensland, Western Sydney and Victoria, where our experienced staff focus on what people can do, and guide them towards reaching their goals. Supported employment gives people with a disability a safe, supportive and social work environment, with a focus on personal development and ongoing training.

For more information, visit Endeavour Foundation.


Your support of our learning and life skills programs help to enhance the independence, confidence, life skills and social participation of people with a disability. Focusing on each individual’s interests, skills, and strengths, these programs can contribute to a sense of well-being and connection with the community, while building essential skills for daily life.

For more information, visit Endeavour Foundation.

About Endeavour

Endeavour Foundation is an independent ‘for purpose’ organisation established in Queensland in 1951.

Today Endeavour Foundation is a diverse community organisation working together with people with a disability so that they have real possibilities to live life to the full, whether that means moving into a new home, gaining qualifications that help fulfil individual aspirations or finding a job.

Evolving over the last 66 years the Endeavour Foundation of today is an embracing collection of like-minded businesses and communities from across the country.

For more information, visit Endeavour Foundation.