Lottery Drawn: 11am AEST 11 June 2020

Win $500,000 and drive into a new lifestyle.

Imagine winning your choice of a $500,000 prize in our latest Ultimate Life Changer Lottery #831. With three amazing prize options to choose from, which one will you choose?

Option 1: Would you choose the Chevrolet Silverado and Yellowfin Southerner for your next adventure? This truck is strong, reliable and performs aggressively as it looks perfect for towing your new Yellowfin Southerner Boat. Plus you’ll have $194,871 Gold Bullion to get your adventure going!

Option 2: There are no more limits to driving pleasure with the BMW Z4 Roadster and BMW X5. The roadster with its powerful driving dynamics is open, sporty and thrilling. While the BMW X5 has unparalleled control on and off the road. Includes $212,565 Gold Bullion.

Option 3: Want the freedom to spend $500,000 Gold Bullion however you choose? Live financially free and turn your dreams into reality.

Every ticket you purchase helps make possibilities a reality for people with disability so buy your lottery tickets today. You could be our next winner!


Lottery #831 Odds

*Odds of winning based on if all available tickets are sold.

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