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Lottery No. 381 Prizes Prize Value Ticket No.
1st Prize – Pelican Waters prize home $743,759 225889
2nd Prize – Paris Holiday $8,000 185374
3rd Prize – Kyoto Holiday $6,000 190029
4th Prize – Tropical Cruise $4,000 222659
5th Prize – Romantic Whale Beach Getaway $3,100 032670
6th Prize - Mooloolaba family holiday $1,499 299348
Early Bird – qualia Getaway $7,000 181179
AP Rewards Renewal Prize - Gold Bullion $10,000 128911
AP Rewards Renewal Prize – Caltex fuel voucher $1,000 121550
Video Tour - RedBalloon voucher $150 n/a

Winners' Story - More details below

The phone call that changed lives

Nick and Mary had been talking about changing their lives. Then they won Endeavour Foundation’s Getaway Lottery prize home valued at almost three quarters of a million dollars!

“We were talking about how we really need another life just the day before we got the phone call,” Mary said. “We thought we really need to downsize and have another lifestyle now that the kids have grown up and left home.” Instead, the Melbourne couple found that they had become the owners of a Sunshine Coast home valued at $743,759.

And they have one of their four sons to thank. “We won it on his birthday, “said Nick. “That’s why we bought the tickets, because we noticed it was being drawn on his birthday.”

Nick, a retired printer, took the call from Endeavour Foundation’s Manager of Property, Product & Collateral, Wilma Burton. “I missed the first call and thought it was just someone trying to sell me something,” Nick said. “Then when I spoke to Wilma it sounded confusing, something about winning a house but I thought ‘no, that’s not right’ and I asked again!”

“I was at the shops so I rang home and told Mary to sit down.” “I said ‘there’s obviously been a mistake, come home and we’ll sort it out’”, said Mary. “Then I had to find the tickets. We’d bought 30 of them.”

Ironically, Nick was thinking about looking for work to keep occupied. Now, they have something to think about! They haven’t worked out a plan yet but, said Mary, “this will be freedom for us.”

And they will continue to buy tickets in Endeavour Foundation’s prize home lotteries. “We don’t buy tickets because we think we’re going to win something,” Nick said. ‘It’s because they are for charity.” “It’s our way of contributing,” said Mary


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